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Simon Terzer born in 1991 in Bozen/Bolzano (Italy)

Studied at the "Ostkreuzschool for Photography" in Berlin

before at the "Free University of Bozen/Bolzano"

In my photographic work I am mainly interested in the relation between human beings and nature in the broadest sense. Psychological and emotional aspects have the same importance as well as graphical compositions. Some of my photographic series can be philosophical while others are more poetic. Sometimes, the idea or the concept for a project is already clear, before starting it.

But it can also happen, that the concept becomes clearer and tangible by just going out in the world and capturing objects, people or street scenes that catch my attention. In a second step comes the editing and reflecting process about the photographs, which is also a very important part about my artistic practice in order to create my photographic series. Furthermore a strong interest in my art goes into the examination of the relation between photography and painting.


Selected exhibitions

2023 // "Fotopioniere" in collaboration with "Monat der Fotografie OFF", Berlin, Germany

2023 // "The Ballery", Berlin, Germany (group show)

2023 // "Laechlergalerie Kastelruth", Italy (group show)

2022 // "Kunstraum Mitterhofer", San Candido, Italy

2022 // "World in a room", Berlin, Germany


2022 // "Quartier 206" graduation Show OKS, Berlin, Germany

2021 // Gallery "Sebastiankapelle", Ulm, Germany

2021 // "Vivaio Tuttoverde", Trento, Italy

2021 // Raiffeisen Gallery Bruneck, Italy

2021 // "Unfallkrankenhaus Berlin", Germany

2020 // Online exhibition "Save>Art" (SKB)

2019 // Kunstforum Unterland, Italy

2019 // artistic collaboration with "Weltläden Südtirol", Italy


                      -Messner Mountain Museum Ripa

                      -Schloss Maretsch

                      -Landesfürstliche Burg Meran

                      -Hofburg Brixen

2019 // auction and exhibition at gallery Prisma (SKB), Italy

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